Sunday, 25 August 2013


Yesterday’s blog was to be the last but we found out, thanks to Greg Turner that today was Steve’s birthday. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any matches to light the one and only candle on the vessel so we had to improvise.


Saturday, 24 August 2013



No yachts to chase today so we did some walking instead.

Having spent the night at Nara, we went ashore to check out the cave paintings. The access track and viewing platform is very well set up.

We then headed for Cid Harbour where we are spending the night before heading for Hamilton Island in the morning for the flight home.

We went ashore again and did the walk from Sawmill Bay to Dugong Beach. At the Dugong Beach campground, we saw how the other half live. We prefer our accommodation.

We entertained a Kiwi couple from Bribie island last night who enjoyed watching the Kiwis win the Rugby. They had some navigational difficulties finding their way back to their boat but they made it.

This will be the last blog. It will now resume hibernation until the next adventure.

Thanks to Steve for allowing us to share the comfort of Southern Star for the last few days. It has been a fabulous experience.

Friday, 23 August 2013



What a fabulous day. As the pictures show, the weather is brilliant, so brilliant in fact that the yacht race was delayed to give the wind the opportunity to strengthen a little.

Both Steve and Trevor spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday. Trevor was hard at work when this photo was taken.

We spent the night on a mooring at happy bay on Long Island and went ashore to check out the resort after a leisurely breakfast.

We then headed over to the southern end of Whitsunday Island to watch the start of the yacht race and found ourselves in the thick of it.

Chaos reigned supreme but we only saw one collision.

The little guys don’t stand much chance when the big boys are coming through.

We anchored at the southern end of Whitehaven Beach for lunch and, after a pleasant snooze, we are now heading for Nara Inlet for the night. The sailing finishes today so tomorrow, we will need to find something else to entertain us. I wonder what that will be. It’s a tough life.


A very sedate afternoon. When we eventually got going, we found the racing fleet and watched them in action. We hope to see them start tomorrow’s race in the morning.

We weren’t the only people observing and photographing.

Perhaps he was trying to get into the race.

We have some fishing gear so might drop a line in but we aren’t counting on catching anything. Dinner will be the fresh barramundi we bought at the fish shop this morning.
It continues to be a rough life.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


The blog is back. Trevor Park kindly invited me to share a few days on his mate Steve’s 60 foot Monte Fino boat - Southern Star. I could hardly refuse.

We flew in to Hamilton Island yesterday, spent last night at Airlie Beach, did the shopping this morning and are now anchored for lunch at a spectacular anchorage west of Henning Island.

Hamilton island Race Week is on which means we have to stay away from Hamilton Island but we do expect to see the yachts this afternoon as they finish today’s race.

We are the very safe hands of a diligent crew.

As the photos show, the weather is spectacular. The fridges and pantry are well stocked and we have just enjoyed lemon peppered prawns and some grape juice for lunch. What a tough life?